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Sewing Machines - At the end of the last visit to Mwenda, Mrs Monica Kaole (MU Diocescan Organiser for Luapula Diocese) asked if the Wellington Team Ministry could help in setting up a sewing project. Monica felt that if the women could be trained to sew, they could then make school uniforms and clothes to sell. This would make the project self funding. It would also mean that the women gain dignity and respect in providing for themselves.

Sewing Machines

Over the next year, the Wellington Team set about fund raising for 10 sewing machines
(six hand and four treadle), equipment and training, while Monica gave a detailed analysis of all that was required to set this project up, with a complete breakdown of costings. The women of Mwenda provided the hospitality for the ladies employed to do the training.
During the visit in 2010 the visitors were able to see that the project has been a complete success in its aims. The women have been well trained, and were very grateful for the opportunity of being given the chance to help themselves. As the Parish had been without a Priest since just after the last visit until the Autumn of 2009 the sewing project had been a light for them all during difficult times.
The Team Link has also been strengthened through offering practical help.

Monica and Joyce who is reading a letter of thanks

Monica (left) and Joyce who is reading a letter of thanks to the Wellington team for providing the sewing machines.

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