Priest's House

Visiting Fr Kelvin's house

One of the reasons why the parish was without a resident priest for so long is because it has no clergy house. Therefore, at the request of the Diocesan Bishop, the Rt Revd Robert Mumbi, our 2009/10 efforts were in fundraising towards the cost of building a suitable dwelling.

However with Fr Kelvin newly installed, he, with his wife and son are having to use the home of another family in the village and thus our fundraising now has an even more urgent sense of purpose.

A suitable plot has been granted by the local Chieftainess and all the congregations have been involved in moulding and firing bricks.
If there is a good priests house not only will Fr Kelvin and his family benefit from it, but it will make the parish more appealing to future incumbents, especially if, like Father Kelvin they have been used to a more Western life-style.

The Building Plot

Here in Wellington we have raised some 9,770 which should be sufficient for a modest house (similar to those used by teachers at the village school) with electricity and running water but, with the cost of building materials high all over southern Africa, more funds may still be needed.

The type of house we would like to provide
This is the type of house we would like to provide for Fr Kelvin and his family.

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