St Peter, Greenham

(Location: TA21 0JN)

St Peter Church, Greenham

The church was consecrated in 1860 and lies within the Parish of St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle. It was intended to be a Chapel of Ease to save the inhabitants of the hamlet of Greenham a long uphill walk to Ashbrittle church, some three miles distant. This little church is located on the banks of the meandering River Tone amidst matured timber parkland making it a favourite place for weddings.

The church is in the Gothic revival style albeit in a miniature and plainer version. There is a three part stained glass window at the East end depicting the Trinity and there is some fine lettering by Eric Gill on a memorial to Admiral John Kelly of Jutland fame. 300 years after such an item became a legal requirement a singular royal coat of arms was erected in 2008 signifying that the parish recognises the monarch as the supreme governor of the Church of England!

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Parish Staff

Church Warden
Mr Charles Doble (01823 672365)
Mr David Hanks (01823 672436)