How to sign up and use TheGivingMachine

Go to

Initially you will have to click on Join

Scroll down and add your email address to the box

Click submit

Choose a password and confirm it

Enter your first name and last name

Enter your postcode and choose your address

Put in your date of birth

Male or female?

Fill in the box called how did you hear about us

Choose your email preferences and privacy preferences (note TheGivingMachine will never share or sell your contact information)

Click Continue

In the search box search for St John the Baptist Church Wellington in full

Click on Add

You can add further charities and say how much of your donation you want to go to each

Read the terms and conditions and then tick the box to agree to them

Click continue

If you wish you can complete your profile, or start shopping


To go shopping, you need to start off on the giving machine website, log in, then look for products or shops.  e.g. typing amazon in the search box brings up Amazon in the list and you then click on shop now.  You then go to another intermediate screen and click continue.  The next screen is the usual Amazon one, and you buy your goods as per normal.


Many thanks