St Margaret, Thorne St Margaret

(Location: TA21 0EQ)

St Margaret, Thorne St Margaret

The picturesque little church at Thorne St. Margaret is dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch, whose saint’s day is celebrated on 20th July and who is the patron saint of child-bearing.

The church is built of hard red sandstone in the Early English style and parts of the church originate from then despite being restored and largely rebuilt in 1865. The font dates from Saxon times and being more than 1000 years old, is one of the oldest in this area. Other parts dating from the ancient church are the tower, the screen forming part of the vestry wall and some windows. Also worth noting is a curious old brass plate taken from the old church (circa 1610) and has engraved on it an effigy of John Worth and the coat of arms of this local family.

It is said that the Abbot of Glastonbury regularly stopped off here to worship on his way to Cothay Manor at Greenham and that is why the nave is unusually large for the size of the church in order to accommodate his retinue!

Prior to rebuilding, St Margaret’s did not have an East window however a beautiful stained glass window was donated by Carlton and Emily Cross of Wellisford Manor in 1907 as thanks after their child recovered from a serious illness. This was dedicated on 28th September 1907.

The church has seating for 80 and despite the parish population being only about 50 is on occasions such as the major Church festivals, carol services, harvest festivals etc full. At other times the congregations are much fewer but nevertheless all visitors to services are made very welcome to share in worship.

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