Young People

With some 2,000 children attending Pre. Primary and Secondary schools in the Wellington area alone and over 3,000 in the whole Tone Deanery there is a wide range of structured activities of one type or another. A number of these activities are linked with the Team Churches as described below with volunteers from individual Churches organising them. In addition we are supported by Andy Levett, Go Team Advisor for the Taunton Archdeaconry

Campfire Church

Campfire worship has inspired a new generation to explore being church together in our villages and is working across the ages and attracting people who don’t usually come to church on a Sunday. Rural Ministries are helping us to explore campfire worship and to dream that this gathering might become a fresh expression of rural church in Somerset.

Campfire worship ideas that we have generated and started to explore  include walks of wonder, spring lambs and primrose treasure hunts, bramble rambles, wild winter walks, dawn Easter services, night walks and star gazing, sunsets and silence, foraging for God, wild side experiences, pumpkin prayers, boat building and the boat stories of Jesus, bridges of faith, going on a prayer hunt, teddy bear picnics and praise, outdoor labyrinth, outdoor prayer stations, still sits, blindfold walks, photography and faith, painting to music and den building.

The Spirit seems to be fanning something into flame beyond our villages.

Campfire Church  by Selina Garner
Draw nearer
to eat and play, to laugh and share.
Watch as the flames, dissolves despair.
Know God is there, around His fire.
Our alleluias rise in golden sparks and silver smoke;
proclaiming hope.
Igniting fires of faith;
and calling each of us by name,
to join the circle round His campfire spire.
A sacred fire; of Holy Spirit flames.