You have reached the new website of the Wellington & District Team Ministry of the Church of England in the Diocese of Bath & Wells. It is hoped that all who 'enter our portals' will find it easy and quick to obtain the information that they are seeking and that the site is attractive. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the Team Administrator (see Team Staff page for details) who, whilst not the fount of all knowledge will do his best to help.

To find out more about "us" just click on the menu items listed on the left. The About Us menu page tells you that you are in Wellington, Somerset, UK not Wellington, Shropshire or Wellington, New Zealand or any one of some ten or more other 'Wellingtons' worldwide all with websites; nor do we sell Wellington boots!

For people wanting to obtain information on Baptisms (Christenings), Marriages and Funerals please click on the Policies page of the menu.

Lastly, if you just want to find out times and places of Church Services please click on the Church Services page in the Menu column

We hope our website is of help to you.