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A cacophony of colour, can you help?

Angels of Joy - How to Join in

Easter is a joyful season and this year we will be expressing that joy through colour! Everyone is invited to join in and to share joy with the community.

Here are some ways you can participate:

Knit colourful angels - We shall be giving out gift bags to key workers across the area (we’re hoping to make 500!) as a thank you and an encouragement for their hard work. We would love to include little colourful angels as gifts of joy so if you know how to work a pair of needles we would love to receive the fruits of your labour! (Knitting patterns are available from Sharon).

Colourful flowers - The big angels from Christmas will be returning to church yards as Angels of Joy sporting a new colourful makeover. As a part of this we are planning to cover their wings and halos in colourful flowers. There are no rules on how to make them: crochet, French knitting, sewing, recycling…whatever you like! Any that don’t find a home on the angels will be hung in the trees, attached to fence posts and generally spread around to flood our churches with joy. (Some design ideas, including patterns for French knitting, are available from Sharon).

Bunting - If flowers and angels sound too technical then there is still plenty of room for your creativity - one idea is to make bunting (any colour, style or material) but anything colourful and joyful you can think of will do; just play and have fun. Contact Selina or Richard if you would like to help.