June Best


There has been a Team link with Mwenda (prounounced Wenda) for a considerable number of years.  I was very fortunate to be in the groups that visited Mwenda, first in 2007 and again in 2010. Coming from a rural background, and, until marriage, working on our family farm, I felt an instant connection with the people of Mwenda. However this is an extremely remote area in the north of Zambia, with dirt roads and very basic living accommodation. The people though were very welcoming, giving us the best they had to offer in food and accommodation. We soon learnt that Zambians worship The Lord with enthusiastic singing and dancing, and also that The Mothers Union is a constant source of help and support to the Church throughout Zambia.  It was also clear how deep their faith is, they have so little in material possessions, but they trust God for everything. There is much we can learn from them. Following our visit we raised funds to support a sewing project with the help and support of Monica Kaole MU. We have also worked with them to build a Priest House.  The installation of electricity and water is the current project.  It is not only about raising funds but developing relationships and learning from each other of how to follow Christ.